[0073] Summer By The Lakeside

[0073] Summer By The Lakeside

Apparently writing jokes in a foreign language was not yet challenging enough for me, so I had to try writing a poem in a foreign language. *sigh*

Initially I just wanted to use a random poem about summer in this strip, namely “Summer by the Lakeside” by John Greenleaf Whittier. Since that was not very funny, I started to rewrite the poem to make it more meaningful to Shadow until it finally became this carnivorous anthem.

This is the first strip of a long new story arc, by the way.

  • Shadow: O tasty prey without a clue,
    You can’t escape my searching view
    Nor my quick jump out of the blue!
  • Shadow: O burning sun, you are so kind
    To make them dozy, dizzy, blind
    As I sneak up from their behind!
  • Shadow: O fearsome claws, I’ll dig you deep
    Into dull mice too fat to leap
    And rabbits fallen half asleep!
  • Shadow: O lovely smells that roam the air,
    Your source is just right… over there!
    But not for long, I’ll eat that…
  • Shadow: … hand??
  • Kevin Dean: OW!
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