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It is great that Sandra and Woo has so many dedicated readers now, but we don’t believe that every potential reader has already heard of it. Because of that we’re placing ads for Sandra and Woo on many other webcomic sites. But advertising is not free and so we’re currently spending nearly $100 a month on it.

Therefore, adding a link to Sandra and Woo on your own website or blog is the easiest way to support us since clicks that do not cost anything are the best clicks. Or maybe you’re a member of a forum that contains a thread about webcomics in which you could mention Sandra and Woo.

If you want to help us paying our advertising bills, but at the same time don’t want to spend extra money by making a donation or by buying a product in our store, you could also buy stuff at using our affiliate link button (I will later add a similar button to the left sidebar):

Buy stuff at

Furthermore, there are now Digg and Reddit buttons beneath each strip. If you have an account at one of these sites you can drive more interest to a particular comic by submitting it or, if it’s already submitted, by clicking on the “up” button.

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