[0083] The Solution Is Part Of The Problem

[0083] The Solution Is Part Of The Problem

I had the idea for this strip during a period of very hot days two weeks ago. However, the current summer is fairly average compared to the “summer of the millennium” in 2003 (and the extremely hot July 2006). It is believed that the extreme heat wave in 2003 cost the lives of ten thousands of people all over Europe, especially elderly people in France. That summer was obviously not much fun without an air-conditioning system. (Houses with air-conditioning systems are very uncommon in Germany and other European countries.)

Having a look at the following chart of average daily temperatures in Germany, we can expect to get much more similarly hot summers during the next decades due to global warming :-(. You can see a rapid increase of the average daily temperatures starting in the 1980s after a slow increase during the first decades of the 20th century.

1761–1770: 7.5 °C
1771–1780: 7.8 °C
1781–1790: 7.6 °C
1791–1800: 7.9 °C
1801–1810: 7.4 °C
1811–1820: 7.3 °C
1821–1830: 7.8 °C
1831–1840: 7.5 °C
1841–1850: 7.4 °C
1851–1860: 7.4 °C
1861–1870: 7.9 °C
1871–1880: 7.7 °C
1881–1890: 7.3 °C
1891–1900: 7.7 °C
1901–1910: 7.7 °C
1911–1920: 8.0 °C
1921–1930: 7.9 °C
1931–1940: 8.1 °C
1941–1950: 8.3 °C
1951–1960: 8.1 °C
1961–1970: 7.9 °C
1971–1980: 8.2 °C
1981–1990: 8.5 °C
1991–2000: 8.9 °C
2001–2008: 9.3 °C

(The source of this list is the German Wikipedia article Zeitreihe der Lufttemperatur in Deutschland which uses the official weather data provided by the Deutscher Wetterdienst.)

  • Sandra: Whew…
  • Sandra: Something has to be done about the terrible consequences of global warming!
  • Woo: Exactly!
  • Richard: Forget it, I’m not buying an air-conditioning system for our house!
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