[0098] The Flower Girl

[0098] The Flower Girl

The current story arc started with this strip: Bribe Money.

Viva la Revolution T-shirtTo be continued.

Dang, another tragic incident of violence happening in computer games because of reality. 😉 This will be the last Final Fantasy VII related joke for some time, though.

If you should have trouble remembering her because she’s not been around much yet, that’s indeed Larisa. You can expect to see her more often in the future.

Update: In the comment section of this strip our reader gerardo tejada raised the valid point that Larisa can’t eat ice cream herself since she’s a diabetic. However this shouldn’t prevent her from inviting Cloud to the ice cream parlor. She could still drink a cup of coffee or something like that there.

In other news, we have a new t-shirt design for women and girls in our store. It is based on the ironic twist to the political slogan “Viva la Revolution” seen in our popular strip Viva La Revolution Or Do Re Mi Ti La Do Re Mi So Fa Do Re Do. If you don’t like the pink color of the t-shirt you can chose among several other ones, as well as other shirt types.

  • Larisa: Welcome back, Cloud… I’ve got a very special present for you!
  • Cloud: Really? Thank you!
  • Cloud: “On Forging Katanas and the Art of Swordplay” by Master Musashi!? This book’s been out of print for decades!!
  • Larisa: I found it on Ebay.
  • Larisa: In the mood for a bowl of ice cream?
  • Cloud: Yeah, sure..
  • Richard: Why are you replaying Final Fantasy 7? And why are you attacking Cloud and Aeris with Tifa on purpose?
  • Sandra: I’VE GOT MY REASONS!!
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