[0100] Love, Hate, Etc.

[0100] Love, Hate, Etc.

The current story arc started with this strip: Bribe Money. (Some readers have pointed out that some earlier strips are also related to the current storyline, but if you just want to know what’s going on you can start reading at this one.)

To be continued.

Yay, Sandra and Woo celebrates its first major milestone, the publishing of the 100th strip, by showing its main character in a moment of utter despair and sadness. 😉 But gladly this is not the end of the story, so don’t miss the next strip that’ll see the light of day on Thursday. It will be a full page consisting of seven panels!

This is certainly an unusual Sandra and Woo strip since it’s not even trying to make any kind of joke. So I think some of our readers who have described Sandra and Woo as a “cute and funny” comic on several occasions won’t like it that much. But I wanted to do this strip anyway because I believe that one shouldn’t impose punchlines on cartoon characters no matter how inappropriate the current situation is for that. That’s also one of the reasons Pixar (and some Dreamworks) movies are so great: They don’t try to be funny when it’s not the right time to be funny. And I want Sandra and Woo to be just like that as well.

This is also the most personal strip yet, because, damn, I wish someone gave the same advice to my best friend when I did something stupid when I was twelve years old. There are many feelings between love/deep friendship and hate, but way too many people just seem to oscillate between these two.

  • Richard: What’s wrong, sweetie?
  • Sandra: Larisa is wrong! And Cloud, too!
  • Richard: Don’t take it so hard. At the moment, you may feel like it’s the end of the world, but things are usually not as bad as they seem.
  • Sandra: But sometimes they are!
  • Richard: Yes, sometimes they are… Sometimes it’s not like in the movies where everything will be alright again in the end.
  • Richard: … But whatever happened, I’m sure they didn’t mean to hurt you. So please don’t start hating your best friends because of it. You’d just make all three of you very unhappy.
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