[0101] Too High A Price

[0101] Too High A Price

The current story arc started with this strip: Bribe Money. (Some readers have pointed out that some earlier strips are also related to the current storyline, but if you just want to know what’s going on you can start reading at this one.)

To be continued.

Initially it was planned to publish this full page as the 100th strip as a special bonus, but then I had the idea for an additional strip earlier in the storyline, so it became the 101st strip.

  • Sandra: Sigh…
  • Larisa: Hi Sandy, I…
  • Sandra: Hmm?
  • Larisa: … I … wanted to say that I’m sorry.
  • Sandra: Hmm?
  • Larisa: You’ve barely spoken a word in school this week. I didn’t know you liked Cloud that much. He’s a real cutie and I wanted to tease you a bit, but…
  • Larisa: … that’s not worth it. I’ll stop going after Cloud, okay? And let’s be friends again, okay?
  • Sandra: … Okay.
  • Larisa: But if you dump him, he’s mine! ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHA!!
  • Sandra: Haha, you’ll never change, Larisa, will you?
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