[0102] Boys…!

[0102] Boys…!

This is the last strip of the current story arc that started with this strip: Bribe Money. (Some readers have pointed out that some earlier strips are also related to this story, but if you just want to know what’s going on you can start reading at this one.)

I guess Cloud, the youngest of our three peers, has not really “gotten” that boy girl thingy yet *g*.

Some of you may already miss Woo who has not been around much lately, but I can soothe you: He will be featured prominently in the next four strips.

  • Larisa: Say, Cloud, have you possibly noticed by now that Sandra is quite fond of you?
  • Cloud: Uhm… yeah, I s’pose she has a little crush on me.
  • Larisa: And what about you? Do you like her, too?
  • Cloud: Hehe… yeah, of course. She’s really nice… and smart.
  • Larisa: Then stop fooling around with other girls, jerk!
  • Larisa: Boys…!
  • Cloud: Just when I was beginning to think girls might not be that weird after all…
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