[0113] Freedom! Justice! Cookies!

[0113] Freedom! Justice! Cookies!

Finally a political slogan everybody can agree on. Because, seriously, who in his right mind would oppose freedom, justice, and most importantly, COOKIES!?! Most of you surely remember the strip Pie in which the banner was already shown.

You can buy a poster / print of this strip in our store, as well as a couple of other products with the same design.

T-shirts and various other products with the following two designs based on today’s strip are also available. They are printed on organic t-shirts, since that seemed to fit the message, but it’s also possible to select one of the many other shirt types, including ones for colder weather.

Freedom! Justice! Cookies! (Slogan)Freedom! Justice! Cookies! (Dove)

If you want any of these pictures printed on another type of product, for example on a mug or a mousepad, just drop a note in the comments.

Monday, we’ll resume with more conventional strips once again.

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