[0119] The Departure

[0119] The Departure

The current story arc started with this strip: Two Pieces of Cake.

Jele(na) is Larisa’s mother. Larisa prefers to call her by her given name rather than with “Mom.”.

I had to search some time before finally coming up with a satanic cult that actually believes in the devil and is not just an assembly of misguided atheists/agnostics. However, I found this on their website:

What is the BOS perspective on sacrifice of animals and children?

The BOS does not condone animal or human sacrifice, […]


I also found no evidence that the members of the Brotherhood actually engage in orgies. Geez, what’s the point of becoming a satanist when you can’t even attend orgies?

  • Sandra: I’m going over to Larisa’s for a few hours.
  • Richard: With our tool box?
  • Sandra: Yeah, she’s recently started sculpting and needs some more tools to complete her first work.
  • Jelena: Where are you going this time, young lady?
  • Larisa: That’s your choice, Jele: Either I’ll visit a black mass of the Brotherhood of Satan which are said to culminate in drug-fueled orgies of sex and violence…
  • Larisa: … Or I’ll meet Sandra and Cloud to explore an abandoned factory.
  • Jelena: The latter.
  • Larisa: As you wish.
  • Ye Thuza: How could you forget the rope?! I’m very disappointed in you! You mustn’t ever enter a dungeon without proper equipment!
  • Cloud: Sorry, mom, won’t happen again…
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