[0123] Larisa Can’t Have The Cake, But She’s Eating It Anyway

[0123] Larisa Can’t Have The Cake, But She’s Eating It Anyway

The current story arc started with this strip: Two Pieces of Cake.

Self control is not the strength of chaotic characters in general and Larisa in particular.

Larisa is referring to the Golden Rock near Kyaikto in Burma, but apparently didn’t remember the correct name of the locality.

This somewhat risqué strip was inspired by one of the most emotional, and certainly no less risqué, cutscenes of Final Fantasy VII:

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud and Tifa’s night under the Highwind

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud and Tifa’s night under the Highwind

I have attached the transcript of the scene taken from the great website Final Fantasy VII: The Complete Script. The original script also contains additional descriptions which I removed so that the post does not become too long even longer:

Script of Cloud and Tifa’s Night Under the Highwind

Sorry, but if you consider all the clues given in Tifa’s dialog, her reaction on the Highwind (the air ship) and the way the camera fades out, and still believe that they were just holding hands that night, you’re a hopeless Cloud+Aeris shipper. Like this guy/girl. Just notice the domain name of his/her website, www.clerith.com, lol. However, it must be noted that an alternative, non-suggestive version of this scene exists which is used when the player has not gained enough Tifa romance points during the course of the game.

I can’t deny it: Tifa was the first and last fictional character I had a crush on. Okay, she was attractive, but her appearance was rather blocky most of the time 😉 and I have never been particularly fond of big boobs. So I feel safe to say that it was indeed her extremely awesome personality I fell in love with.

Now I want to replay Final Fantasy VII.

Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you!

  • Cloud: ???
  • Larisa: Haha, Cloud. It’s just like in one of your stupid video games.
  • Larisa: I see it in my mind’s eye: This is just the prelude of a much longer adventure! Sadly, one day our Sandra will have to sacrifice herself to save the world…
  • Sandra: Hey!
  • Larisa: And in the night before you defeat the supervillain in an epic battle on that golden rock near Kyoto, we’ll finally make sweet, sweet love.
  • Sandra: HEY!
  • Larisa: Don’t worry, Sandy. To preserve the memory of your sacrifice, we’ll name a national holiday after you.
  • Sandra: I’m deeply moved.
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