[0135] Aftermath

[0135] Aftermath

The current story arc started with this strip: Two Pieces of Cake.

Is it irony? (see the last panel) Is it something else? I’m not really sure about the right expression for it… I was a bit puzzled by some of the bizarre suggestions about the identity of the “mystery character” in the comments of the last strips. You can expect to see more of Cloud’s mom Ye Thuza (which means “brave angel” in Burmese) in the first half of 2010. She’s a really interesting character with a twisted sense of humor and I want to show more of her and her past. Although we’ll start a new story arc on Monday, this is not yet the definite end of this storyline.

Wow, I’m absolutely amazed by the generosity of our readers after my call for donations last Monday. I thought that it should be possible to raise around $50 this month. Instead I got more than ten times as much during four days! This will really help me to pay the bills for Sandra and Woo in the future. But it’s not only the money itself which is great. It is also great to know that there are readers who care about our comic strip so much that they are willing to support us financially. Comments, reviews, fanart, donations, etc. are all important things which show us that the work we put into Sandra and Woo is justified.

The most generous donators can also expect to get a personal thank-you e-mail during the next days.

  • Sandra: WHAT…
  • Newspaper: Taylor jewels found! Twenty years after the raid of Edward Taylor’s jewelry store, the stolen jewels have been found again, in an abandoned factory! The anonymous finder received a reward equivalent to 5% of the insurance sum of the jewelry from the jeweler’s insurance company.
  • Larisa: … THE…
  • Ye Thuza: You didn’t “screw up”. Don’t be so hard on yourself, junior! Life doesn’t come with a strategy guide.
  • Ye Thuza: Now c’mon, let’s go shopping!
  • Cloud: Yes, master.
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