[0152] Twilight

[0152] Twilight

Today a little more to read. Unfortunately our editor Neveko was not online during the last week so there might be a grammatical error or weird phrase in the text of the letter.

I’m worrying that some of you might not understand what’s going on in the last panel, so here is an explanation:

Cloud is watching Twilight to translate its dialog into Burmese and to later send the translation to his cousin. “Ankles” is a word that is mentioned during the pictured scene at the beginning of the movie. Cloud does not know the Burmese translation for “ankles” so he is asking his mother for it.

When I was going to elementary school I played the great adventure game “Indiana Jones and the the Last Crusade”, which was completely in English, together with my mother on the Atari ST. Reading and understanding whole English sentences was a bit 😉 above my mental capabilities at that time, so she had to translate all the dialog for me while playing.

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  • Ye Thuza: Cloud, you’ve got a letter from your cousin Win Thiri Shwan!
  • Cloud: Yay!
  • Letter: Hi Cloudy,
    thank you so much for your kind letter ^^. I’m so happy for you that you’re such a good student and that you have so many friends. Sandra really seems to like you, doesn’t she? 😉 Just be nice to her or I’ll smack you! 😉 I’m now going to school again too! We’re back in our old village. It’s quite a lot of work to repair all the damaged houses. But some of them are almost finished already! When I’m done studying I’m always busy helping. It’s soooo nice here!! 🙂 One month ago great uncle signed a ceasefire with the military. Now the soldiers don’t bother us anymore! Except for you-know-who and his men. They’re just as mean to us as they were before. Why are some people so evil? :’-(
    And many! many! thanks for all the great movies you sent us!! The man from the post office took some of them away. But just a few! Uncle Myint Arun always translated everything for us when we were watching them. I want to learn English now too! Because I want to know exactly what Edward <3 and Bella ^^ are saying in Twilight! It’s so unfair that I could see Twilight only once together with my uncle….. When I wanted to watch it again he said that the movie was totally dumb and that he never wants to watch it again! HE is dumb!!! Twilight is the best movie of all time!!!! The best part was when Edward and Bella looked at each other in the forest and Edward said “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…” and Bella replied with “What a stupid lamb…” Do you like Twilight so much too?
    Hugs and kisses
    Win Thiri Shwan
  • Cloud: Mom, what’s “ankles” in Burmese?
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