[0153] Overall Score

[0153] Overall Score

Sometimes I can’t tell myself if my characters are serious or if they are making fun of stuff (like the “Reception” section of Wikipedia articles about movies or the overall scores given in reviews of video games) themselves…

In the photo of Ye Thuza as a young girl she is wearing two patches of “thanaka” on her cheeks. That’s a special yellow-white powder which is worn as sunscreen but mostly as make-up by Burmese women (and a few men).

Today I donated €50,00 to the German division Helfen ohne Grenzen e.V. of the charity Help without Frontiers which helps Burmese refugees. They say €50,00 is covering the costs for one school year per child. Thanks to their special sponsorship program they assure that 100% of all “normal” donations go directly to their projects like the Mae Tao Clinic or migrant schools in Thailand without any deduction of administration expenses. However, since I have made bad experiences with other charities I included the following line in the “Usage:” field of the money transfer form (translated from German):


In other news there are several new poll questions in the voting box on the right sidebar.

  • Cloud: Mom, what was your childhood in Burma like?
  • Ye Thuza: Hmm…
  • Diary: Monday, 7 November
    Today there was gunfire near our village all day long. I hope nothing bad happened to Khin… At least my leg no longer aches from our escape last week.
  • Ye Thuza: With an approval rating of 37%, “My Childhood” fared rather poorly in my diary. Various photographs gave a more favorable impression, though, with 21 out of 28 being positive.
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