[0155] Rebel Heart

[0155] Rebel Heart

100% authentic Burmese rebel wear.

Being a rebel in real life is far less romantic than being one in a video game. Ye Thuza is 16 in the photograph, and she’s not carrying that assault rifle to shoot at some tin cans… Although she’s rather upbeat and was convinced to fight for the right cause, you can see in the last strip that she’s still somewhat messed up.

According to this article at Human Rights Watch Burma had the highest number of child soldiers in the world in 2002, most of them being in the regular army (where they get beaten and abused on a regular basis), but also a significant amount in one of the various rebel groups. Since then not much has changed. Girls are rarely recruited by the opposition armies, but I guess they happily make an exception when a girl with the abilites of Cloud’s mom wants to fight for them.

It’s always bad when a strip consists of five panels since that’s too much to fit into one row and results in ugly whitespaces when put into two rows. Which is, however, still better than an unnecessary extra panel.

  • Ye Thuza: Missed you so much, darling.
  • Yuna: Daddy!
  • David:
  • David: … Angel, are women still allowed to enjoy being housewives?
  • Ye Thuza: ’Course not, dear. That was outlawed by the C.O.S.M.O. act years ago. The punishment is having to watch Sex and the City for no less than 100 hours.
  • Ye Thuza: But you know…
  • Ye Thuza: … I’ve always been a rebel.
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