[0159] Proof Of Love

[0159] Proof Of Love

“Good news everyone, Sandra and Woo will update three times next week (Update: only next week, not every week! just to make that clear…), on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

Cloud is very popular in school; Benjamin (the big one) and Theo (the one with glasses) are his best friends besides Sandra and Larisa.

cell is short for cell phone.

I want to point out that all strips are written many weeks in advance. This means that no matter what you write in the comments it will most likely have no influence regarding the next dozen strips that will be published. (if it’s not a super-duper great idea)

I also want to point out that I have planned the character development of all main characters years ahead with more or less detailed concepts for all major storylines already existing. So writing a comment like “I think Sandra/Woo/Cloud/Larisa should be more/less like x.” is completely futile.

Also, no writer with an ounce of self-confidence listens to this sort of stuff. Just imagine the mess the last books of Harry Potter would have become if J.K. Rowling listened to all the suggestions of her million fans.

  • Cloud: Guys, what d’ya think of Sandra?
  • Benjamin: Dunno, she seems really nice… but also kinda nerdy.
  • Theo: She’s not my type. But you’re a good match, I think.
  • Benjamin: You think she is serious about you?
  • Cloud: Let’s put it that way…
  • Cloud: … when we’re together she always turns off her cell.
  • Benjamin: whoa Whoa WHOA! When’s the wedding? What should I wear?
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