Kick-Ass kicks ass

Kick-AssSo I’ve just watched Kick-Ass. I had high hopes for this film… and my expectations have been exceeded! The movie was even cooler than I thought it would be after seeing the trailer. I’m not going so far to place it in the list of my most favorite movies of all time (Up, WALL-E and The Matrix), but I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stars for sure. At the moment I can’t remember to have come out of the cinema with such a feeling of “Wow!” since I’ve seen The Matrix for the first time.

Kick-Ass starts as the wish-fulfillment fantasy of a comic book nerd, a dark comedy that keenly deconstructs the superhero genre, before gradually becoming a perfectly paced and very violent (!) superhero movie itself. You can only have respect for the director Matthew Vaughn and the screenwriters that they managed to do this transition so well that you barely notice it when watching the film. It is great to see that there are still enough fresh ideas for the superhero genre.

Just as well as Heath Ledger’s Joker has set the standard for the evilness and insanity of future supervillains, Chloë G. Moretz’ Hit-Girl has now set the standard for future superheroes in respect of the coolness factor when they beat up the bad guys. Of course Cloud may be nearly as dexterous and weapon-savvy as her, but he’s just way too righteous to be such a badass. And Larisa may have the right attitude, but she’s just way too weak physically. Although there were many strong characters in the film, Hit-Girl was somewhat stealing the show from them.

However, I can understand that some people may not like the ultra-violent nature of the film. It is also quite clear that it is most appealing to comic fans (not necessarily superhero comic fans, though). But since you are currently on this website I guess you are in the perfect target audience for Kick-Ass.

Oh, and I must get a pair of these action figures when they will be released…

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