[0170] Sl*t

[0170] Sl*t

Watch your language, girls!

Sorry for the stupid censoring of the swear words in this post, but the text content spider of our main ad agency does not like it when there are too many swear words on a page and the front page with the comic title and comic description gets a lot of hits. I hope you understand that I prefer to put in some #’s and not lose $40 instead. However, it’s okay to use swear words in the comment section since the comments don’t appear on the front page.

To be continued, of course. I guess it was only a matter of time until Larisa receives some sort of backlash for her “naive slutting around” as our reader ersatz_spring described it in the comment section of our last comic.

After this short, and certainly somewhat controversial, storyline about Larisa we’ll do one with Woo as the main character if you should already miss him.

There are two new sketches on our page for donators, one featuring Woo, Sid and Shadow and another one featuring the entire cast.

  • Larisa: Bye, Justin. See ya this evening.
  • Michelle: You’re such a slut, Larisa.
  • Larisa: I’m not, you braindead hater!
  • Larisa: I’m not a slut…
  • Larisa: … Or am I?
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