[0173] A Look Into The Mind Of A Troubled Girl

[0173] A Look Into The Mind Of A Troubled Girl

The current story arc started with this strip: Slut.

To offer some context: the word “sex” has been written on the box by Larisa.

You can listen to Show me Love by t.A.T.u at YouTube.

This strip was partially inspired by my memories of a girl who went to my class from 5th to 10th grade. Starting with 7th grade or so she loved to dress in short skirts and tight bell bottoms during Summer. She was a rather calm girl so I suposse that it was just her preferred fashion style and not necessarily meant to attract boys. I think she must have been already 14 years old when she admitted during an ethics lesson that she’s still playing with Barbie dolls. I also remember that nobody said anything about it afterwards. Maybe we were already mature enough to acknowledge that all of us had a similar skeleton in the closet. 😉

I think writing a story is a bit like playing with dolls. You’re coming up with life stories and things that happen to persons that are not real.

Completely unrelated to this I want to point out that I proposed three weeks ago that the English football team should consider nominating Woo as their goalkeeper. I feel completely validated. 😉

  • Jelena: Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes.
  • Larisa: Yeah, whatever.
  • Larisa: You brought me flowers, Cloud? You’re such a darling! Now come, let’s go for a walk with our daughter!
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