[0183] The Warehouse

[0183] The Warehouse

The current story arc started with this strip: Hit-Boy.

Update (19 July 2010): I forgot to include the “County Hospital” sign in the first panel.

Update (20 July 2010): The comment section will be closed for the rest of this storyline since I am having issues with some of the comments it has received so far. I would have to write lengthy retorts, giving away some of the things that will happen, and I don’t want to do that. I just want to say that it should not come as a surprise that a story arc which directly references an R rated movie contains some adult content.

  • Caption: Earlier that day, 4 pm.
  • Caption: Earlier that day, 8:42 pm.
  • Brandon: You’re late.
  • Johnny: Yeah, sorry.
  • Brandon: Say, what’s the matter with you lately?
  • Johnny: … …… I think I’m gonna call it quits, Brandon.
  • Brandon: What the ####?! Please tell me it has nothing to do with the stupid #### my bro told us!
  • Johnny: It ain’t stupid ####, I checked it… But that’s not the main prob–
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