[0186] Take It Easy

[0186] Take It Easy

The current story arc started with this strip: Hit-Boy.

Whew, I’m already really excited about the strip that will be posted next Monday. All I can say is: This story ain’t over yet!

The original line of the police officer in the last panel was “Hey, look on the bright side! At least no SWAT team has shot your dog during an apartment raid,” but neither Powree nor Neveko got its meaning so I replaced it.

Big versions of the following two drawings can be found on our page for donators:

Cloud as Superhero Ye Thuza as Superhero
  • Nigel O’Sullivan: Good work, Mrs. Williams. Without your fast intervention this boy might have died!
  • Ye Thuza: Oh well, the medic said that it was just a mild heart attack.
  • Brandon: Can I go now?
  • Nigel O’Sullivan: Not so fast, my friend! First I want to know why you two went completely ballistic after seeing some guys in superhero costumes.
  • Nigel O’Sullivan: Hmm, maybe because… you’re your own best customers!?
  • Nigel O’Sullivan: Hey, take it easy. In ten, twenty years you’ll be free again!
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