Website design update

I’m sure regular readers will notice the new blue background, but this is just one of the changes I have made to the website design during the last two days. I was getting the impression that the design of the website needs an update to be ready for the next decade, but I also did not want to change the whole layout since I think it works well overall. Instead I made many small changes, including the following ones:

  • The transcription of the comic dialog is now inside a small box so that it does no longer look like the transcription is part of the comic description.
  • The <blockquote> boxes have a gray background now and a prettier, dashed outline.
  • The author and date are now located beneath the comic navigation menu which is also looking slightly different.
  • The comment section now also offers a “Reply” button in addition to the “Quote” button. Both buttons are also more easily visible.
  • The design of the various widgets on the left and right sidebar has been improved and is now consistent to each other.
  • etc.?

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