[0193] Moonlight Sonata

[0193] Moonlight Sonata

Listen to the Moonlight Sonata on YouTube!

Like I have already written in this news post, the current story arc will resume on Thursday since the script for the next strip was not ready in time. But I’m sure you’ll be happy with the “filler” comic. 🙂

You may have already noticed the new blue background, but this is just one of many (small) changes to the website design.

There is now an orange Flattr button beneath every post. Flattr is a new micro-donation service. It works like this: After registering at Flattr, you set the amount which you want to donate to bloggers, webcomickers, etc. per month, for example $5. At the end of the month the amount is split among the creators you voted for by clicking on those buttons on their websites. For example, if you click on ten Flattr buttons and two of them were two different Sandra and Woo strips, we will get $1 from you that month.

But, of course, we’d still prefer really large donations made with Paypal. 😉

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