[0194] It’s Fiction All The Way Down

[0194] It’s Fiction All The Way Down

The current story arc started with this strip: Hit-Boy.

Kick-Ass is a superhero comic/movie about a guy who wonders why there are no superheroes in real life. So he becomes one… in a comic/movie after all. Therefore it is only natural for a storyline inspired by it to play around with this reality-fiction antithesis. I also thought that referring M Night “What a twist!” Shyamalan would strongly indicate that a big twist is to be expected at the end. Yet, not a single reader wrote a comment that pointed in the right direction.

Just to clarify: This turn of events was already determined when I wrote the script for the first strip of this story arc. I just needed some more time to write the actual dialog for this strip. This took a lot of time since I had to include so much information in it. I hope everything is clear after reading the strip, but here is a more detailed explanation:

It was a movie. A movie about false real-life superheroes. The cell phone video which had been posted on YouTube was also part of the plot. Naturally, the YouTube video got lots of attention because the viewers believed it was real. The cell phone video was produced to drive more interest to the original movie that tells the complete story from the beginning. The complete movie can now be seen at the website of Larisa’s father Ivan. (Larisa always calls her parents by their given names.) Ivan is an artist and some of the visitors might also be interested in his other work, so the movie is also serving as an advertisement for him. The whole thing was the idea of Larisa who also wrote large parts of the screenplay. It’s an amateur production written by a sixth grader; this explains all the improbable events (Brandon’s friend getting a heart-attack) and inaccuracies (the arrest of Brandon by the police officer). Several of these inaccuracies were deliberately written into the script, some were more accidental because I just didn’t bother too much about writing a completely realistic story. There were a few cases where I thought: “Oh, some of the readers point out that X is very unlikely to happen in reality. That’s actually quite cool since this makes it just more authentic for an amateur film.”

After this storyline (there will be two follow-up strips) we will publish more standard comedy strips until the end of the year. After all these action and romance stories I think there is now a need for some classic one-liners and situation comedy.

  • Cloud: My secret identity isn’t a secret anymore? No duh! I already had a couple of classmates talk to me about the video yesterday.
  • Larisa: … And don’t forget the two hundred thousand people who have already seen the complete movie on Ivan’s website since this morning.
  • Cloud: Speaking of your dad; does he know that you’re fiddling with his $2,000 video camera?
  • Larisa: I’m not fiddling with it! I’m just waiting for you to finally do the last scene!
  • Brandon: The last scene?
  • Cloud: Don’t ask!
  • Larisa: Anyway, thanks for playing your parts, guys. There’ve been more visitors on Ivan’s site today than in the whole last decade.
  • Brandon: You’re welcome. I’m just happy that my little brother finally spent his time on something worthwhile.
  • Brandon: However, I still can’t believe that a sixth grader came up with all of this. Absolutely everybody fell for that faked cell phone video!
  • Larisa: Show people some moving pictures, and they will believe anything!
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