[0206] The Second Law Of Thermodynamics

[0206] The Second Law Of Thermodynamics

INCEPTION ruinedThe current story arc started with this strip: Healthy Cookies, Part 1.

This is my favorite single panel of Sandra and Woo so far. 🙂

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  • Sandra: Hi Larisa. Why so happy?
  • Larisa: I found the meaning of life!
  • Sandra: Really?! Which is?
  • Larisa: Are you familiar with the second law of thermodynamics?
  • Sandra: It’s got something to do with energy, right?
  • Larisa: Pretty much. It postulates that every process tends to increase the entropy of the universe. Which means that everything’s going to end in total chaos!
  • Sandra: And how is that related to the meaning of life?
  • Larisa: The meaning of life is to make it happen faster, of course!
  • Sandra: This explains everything.
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