Let’s get dangerous!

At the beginning of the next year, probably in February, we will publish a very long story arc. Sandra, Woo, Cloud and Larisa will go on their funniest and most dangerous adventure so far! Since the “Treasure hunt” story arc has been our most popular so far, I’m sure many of you will like to hear that it will be another adventure story involving all four main characters. Woo will even be getting the most “air time” this time. Of course I can’t talk about the content yet, only that it will take place in a forest environment. Writing the middle part of a story is usually the most complicated part and I have been short on ideas for it, but today I had ideas for five or six good strips. So I’m now ready to write the script for the whole story that will be around 25 to 30 strips long.

Before that (after the current story arc that just started and two additional single strips) we will publish a short story arc that will show the backstory of Sid and Shadow.

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