Free wallpapers! / Help us to get 10,000 visitors per day in December!

As the updated visitor chart shows, Sandra and Woo was close to 10,000 visitors per day in November. It would be great if we could break the magic number in December. This is especially important since the advertising revenues are by far the highest in November and December due to the Christmas season. A single new reader who clicks through the whole comic archive can easily earn us ¢50.

You can help us to reach our goal by spreading the word about Sandra and Woo. Word of mouth is always the best kind of advertising. For example you could link to our website in an online comic thread of a forum you visit or on your Facebook page. You can also help us by checking out the ads on our website. Without the advertising revenues Sandra and Woo would not exist so show our advertisers some love. 😉

Another good way to get new visitors is reaching a good position at the large webcomic voting site TopWebComics. So far, Sandra and Woo has reached positions between 20 and 30, but in December we want to finally get into the top 10! To achieve this goal we will publish wallpapers as special voting incentives in December.

The first wallpaper has been put online a few minutes ago. Click on the following thumbnail and vote for our comic to get the large version:

Vote for Sandra and Woo on TopWebComics!

New images will be published on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in December:

  • 1 Dec (Wednesday)
  • 3 Dec (Friday)
  • 6 Dec (Monday)
  • 8 Dec (Wednesday)
  • 10 Dec (Friday)
  • 13 Dec (Monday)
  • 15 Dec (Wednesday)
  • 17 Dec (Friday)
  • 20 Dec (Monday)
  • 22 Dec (Wednesday)
  • 24 Dec (Friday)
  • 27 Dec (Monday)
  • 29 Dec (Wednesday)
  • 31 Dec (Friday)

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