Top 15 comments from comics #226 to #250

Sometimes one of our readers has a sudden flash of inspiration and posts a truly funny comment. This news entry contains my personal top 15 of the cleverest comments on Sandra and Woo (after looking at the 250 best rated comments) so far.

Comment by GC on the strip Plucking Daisies I with a comment rating of 80:

“Fine then! He loves me, He loves me, He loves me…”

Comment by Blitzkrieg1701 on the strip Sandra’s Dark Past with a comment rating of 64:

Oh dear. This is like when my pet rock discovered our gravel driveway. It hasn’t spoken to me since.

Comment by Yappy Dog on the strip Pie with a comment rating of 59:

Clearly, the pie represents humanity’s desire to impose its will on the world around it. The splattered filling is obviously a metaphor for the scattered dreams and beliefs of the world’s population, and the crust shows the semi-firm set of ideals and morals on which the framework of our lives is built. The plate, meanwhile, shows the solid basis of politics, raised in defiance of the events unfolding nearby; yet it can support the pie of morality only so far, before the hand of free spirit whisks it into the face of nature.

Or not. Probably not, actually.

Comment by DanialArin on the strip The Moral of the Story with a comment rating of 49:

Ryguy987: […] The only question is that WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO DO WITH THE HOLY F***ING GRAIL!

@Ryguy987: Sell it on eBay, of course.

Comment by MrGBH on the third page of A Day to Remember with a comment rating of 45:

And the moral of the story is…..
Never judge a biker by his moustache.

Comment by BobisOnlyBob on the strip Pizza II with a comment rating of 43:

True love, as communicated through delicious cheesetomatobread.

Comment by Blitzkrieg1701 on the strip Alpha Raccoon with a comment rating of 41:

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we just discovered the natural world’s equivalent to living in Mom and Dad’s basement.

Comment by Vivvav on the strip Directed by M Night Shyamalan with a comment rating of 38:

Talking about the new Avatar movie makes me want to stab people too. It’s a normal reaction.

Comment by CW Tyger on the strip Show’s Over,… with a comment rating of 32:

Quintessence: Wow. 17 comments and not one of them b*t,ching about the use of mother,fuc,kers. I didn’t know that was possible.

What I find hilarious is the word you chose to censor.

Comment by Cam on the strip Healthy Cookies, Part 2 with a comment rating of 32:


Just when you thought it was safe to snack

Comment by AckAckAck on the strip Plucking Daisies I with a comment rating of 30:

Excuse me, but I’m from Humane Ethical Treatment for Daisies (H.E.T.D.), for centuries Daisies had been abused by love struck males and females all around the world to foresee their possible love life.

Please think about the Daisies, they have feelings too, their last minutes in the world filled with horror as their petals pulled one by one for the sake of human feeling of love!

We from H.E.T.D offer a good alternative, why not try Cabbage? you can’t count the leafs beforehand (to keep you guessing), cheap and edible!

This PSA is brought to you by H.E.T.D and CFA (Cabbage Farmers Association)

Comment by Pizzasgood on the strip Freedom! Justice! Cookies! with a comment rating of 26:

I do know people who would oppose cookies, actually. But I’m not one of them, and as far as I’m concerned anybody who doesn’t want cookies can just go eat worms.

Incidentally, I did a little math today and it would seem that the average adult male eats roughly the equivalent of a tenth of a gallon of gasoline every day. According to a quick Google and a little more math, the average cookie is worth something like 0.0027 gallons.

We burn energy at a rate of 100-200 Watts. Which as it turns out is roughly equivalent to the power used by my computer.

Therefor I conclude that my computer is a person too, which is why I leave it’s cookies enabled.

Comment by BlueAnubis on the strip Rebel Heart with a comment rating of 22:

100 hours of Sex and the City? I thought there was a law forbidding cruel and unusual punishments.

Comment by Frank on the strip Moms in Black with a comment rating of 21:

Hey, it’s the strip after Halloween! That means I can finally post this:

By Frank Hightower, Fanfic news

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN) has long been feared for its ability to create microscopic black holes. This morning (Central European Standard Time), they have succeeded in doing so. Except that it was done by accident.

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Comment by Blitzkrieg1701 on the strip The New Toy with a comment rating of 18:

One wonders: if you ship a box full of bubble wrap… what to you wrap it in?

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