[0241] Released

[0241] Released

The current story arc started with this strip: Dinner.

After receiving so much applications by readers who were interested in becoming an editor for Sandra and Woo and Gaia, we are now holding an editing contest. The goal is to find mistakes in our already published strips. You can even earn a little money this way.

In other news, the release of Gaia will be delayed for a couple of months. Powree is just not having enough time to draw two colored comic pages a week as long as she’s having a day job. An artist needs around three work days to create two colored comic pages. Until she’ll be able to commit fully to Sandra and Woo and Gaia, we’ll rather build a buffer of finished Sandra and Woo strips and Gaia pages, instead of annoying you with infrequent Gaia updates. I really hope we can release the first page of Gaia not later than 1 June and then stick to a “two updates a week” schedule.

  • Heather: Shadow! Siddy! Today’s your big day!
  • Shadow and Sid: ??
  • Heather: Aren’t you excited that you’ll finally be able to live in freedom?
  • Shadow: »This doesn’t sound good at all.«
  • Shadow: Don’t worry, little one. I’ll protect you.
  • Xor: Look, Zor, lunch!
  • Shadow: … Within my limited capabilities. RUN!
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