[0247] Unpleasant Surprise II

[0247] Unpleasant Surprise II

The current story arc started with this strip: A New Adventure.

I just realized that there is no line of dialog in this or the next strips that explains that Sandra did not take Woo to the trip deliberately. He sneaked into her backpack.

There are two new polls in the right sidebar.

  • Harvey: Get off the boat, effing critter!!
  • Sandra: No, don’t!! This is Woo!
  • Harvey: Who’s Woo?
  • Sandra: Woo’s my pet raccoon. And you’ve hurt him!
  • Harvey: I have hurt him?!?
  • Sandra: Yeah, you poked him in the eye. That’s why he attacked you.
  • Cloud: Guys, better stop arguing and start looking for something to hold on to.
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