Comment section less prominent

I have worked on the comment section since I was no longer happy with various aspects of it. In my opinion, comments are suppossed to accompany the main post, not to make up 90% of the vertical page size. But having to click through 10 pages of 5 comments is also very annoying. Our advertisers would also not like to pay for so many useless page views. Therefore the comment section is now hidden by default. To show it, a click on the “Click here to see the comments!” link beneath the comic description or the news post is needed. My mom, as ultimate authority, really likes the new system so I certainly will keep it.

All comments made during the last weeks are back online. However, I have to say that I’m somewhat annoyed with the reaction of some readers. I think it’s very unfair that I was heavily criticized for trying to improve two strips that many readers didn’t understand or liked. It is a sad fact that on the internet, criticism is often blown out or proportion (“WORST! STRIP! EVER!”) or descents into personal attacks very fast. I also got a very angry e-mail by a long-term reader and commentor who though I had banned him, although I have not banned anybody during the last weeks.

There are also some good news, though:

Sandra and Woo will update three times next week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

– I axed a large chunk of semi-funny ideas for future strips after the current storyline in my idea document, and replaced them with much funnier ones.

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