Mal and Chad vol. 1 Out Now!

Mal and Chad: The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!The first volume of the Mal and Chad comic book series by Stephen McCranie is out now. The two main heroes of the adventure story previously appeared in the defunct webcomic Mal and Chad. The new comic book is unrelated to the webcomic and tells a completely new story. You can order “Mal and Chad: The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!” at for $9.99. (It’s also available at and other stores.)

The Mal and Chad webcomic was a newspaper-style comic strip about the boy Mal and his talking dog Chad. When the little genius Mal was not busy wooing the love of his life, Megan, he invented teleporters and cute robots. Unlike most webcomics, Mal and Chad was a very light-hearted comic and suitable even for young children.

I’m confident that the first graphic novel featuring Mal and Chad will be as enjoyable as Zita’s first adventure. I have already ordered a copy.

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