Artwork: The Flower

Exarrdian: The Flower (Sandra and Cloud on a Meadow)

I’m happy to announce a new feature on Sandra and Woo: Commissioned artwork featuring our characters drawn by other talented artists. You can expect a wide range of different styles and subjects and one or two new images per month.

The first painting is titled “The Flower” and was drawn by the Bulgarian artist Denny (Exarrdian). She has a DeviantArt gallery and a fantasy webcomic called FanFyria. Exarrdian is already working on a second image and I hope she will become a regular contributor to the feature.

Supporters can download the image in its original size (3300 x 2500 pixel) and as a wallpaper (1600 x 1200 pixel) on the special page for donators.

I’m open for suggestions for topics that you’d like to see drawn in color.

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