[0307] Scary Thought

[0307] Scary Thought

Woo! Sandra and Woo in 3D COLOR!

Welcome the new colorist of Sandra and Woo, Lisa Moore. She will color all new strips as well as all the comics in the archive. After coloring a couple of selected strips from 2009 and 2010, she will start with strip #1 in October.

Lisa Moore is currently a colorist of the Darkwing Duck comic books. Lisa also has a very nice looking personal homepage/blog.

I received around 70 applications when looking for a colorist for Sandra and Woo. Lisa was my first choice in the short-list consisting of 5 artists since her style seems to be perfect for our comic. I’m sure she will do a great job at coloring Sandra and Woo in the future. Apart from the new strip, she has already colored the following strips in the archive:

I’m not sure if everybody will get this strip, so here is Wikipedia’s introduction to the concept of simulated reality.

One of my earliest childhood memories was the inspiration for this strip: When I was 3 years and 2 months old, I was terrified by days (or rather nights) of the Chernobyl disaster. When talking to my parents about it, I called it a fictional “salt tower” and remained rather vague about the details, although I knew that it was called a nuclear power plant and that some kind of “radiation” was involved. I think I didn’t want them to know that I already understood some parts of the TV news and that I was worried about such a real event.

I removed the comment rating plugin since it cost too much performance.

  • Yuna: Daddy?
  • David: What’s wrong, my little angel?
  • Yuna: If someone could make a video game with superduper realistic characters, that would imply that we’re almost certainly video game characters as well!
  • Yuna: I don’t want to be a video game character!
  • David: Don’t worry, Yuna. There hasn’t been any significant progress in the field of artificial intelligence in the last few decades.
  • Yuna: Really?
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