Santa vs. Dracula – The clock is ticking

Santa vs. DraculaThere are only three days left to pledge for the Kickstarter project for the comic book titled “Santa vs. Dracula” by Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus, the former creators of the entertaining newspaper comic strip My Cage. Unfortunately, their project is only 77% funded at the moment and Kickstarter requires that every project is 100% funded or they don’t collect the raised money.

Note that it’s not just an altruistic donation, you actually get something in return, for example a copy of the comic book including a sketch if you pledge $35 (like I did myself). I think giving some money to indy comic creators whose comic is not just yet another superhero comic is always a good thing to do. So I want to thank all of our readers who already supported Ed and Melissa when I first posted about “Santa vs. Dracula” a month ago in the description of our comic [0321] Children.

Update: The project is now 100% funded, just a couple of hours before the deadline!

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