[0329] Outside The Box

[0329] Outside The Box

Larisa is talking with Corporal Bear from the webcomic Bear and Tiger which ended a couple of weeks ago.

Our new fantasy webcomic Gaia is online! Click on the cover to read from the beginning:

Gaia: Cover

  • Larisa: Yesterday, I had a clever idea for a funny picture. I uploaded the finished drawing to DeviantArt…
  • Larisa: … That’s when I noticed that it’s been done before, by over a dozen other artists!
  • Corporal Bear: With 7 billion humans on this planet, it’s no surprise that it’s getting harder and harder to come up with something truly original.
  • Larisa: Yeah, you gotta think outside the box around the box.
  • Sandra: No, I have no idea what you could draw in the last panel either.
  • Larisa: Darn.
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