Artwork: The Empress of Russia

Manusia-no-31: The Empress of Russia

As part of our feature “commissioned artwork of our characters drawn by other talented artists”, the Indonesian artist Sia (Manusia-no-31) drew the picture you can see above. It is titled “The Empress of Russia”. As her alter ego, the Empress of Northia, Sandra is sitting on the throne of the Winter Palace which is part of the Hermitage complex in St. Petersburg.

Supporters can download the image in its original size (2961 x 4966) and as a wallpaper on the special page for donators.

This will be the last commissioned picture of Sandra and Woo characters for some time. I need to think about new subjects that are worth to be drawn in color first. During the last months, 18 drawings have been published on our website. I want to thank all artists for their great work.

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