Possible Sandra and Woo t-shirts

There have been some comments asking for Sandra and Woo t-shirts during the last months. So I’d like to ask all of you if there is interest in the t-shirt designs you can see above. Note that those are only sketches, for example the “Fire” text would be larger in the final version. However, don’t expect dramatic changes. I’d also make the “Food Chain” design available again.

I consider to use Spreadshirt as a service for producing and selling the t-shirts. Their flex printing technique is said to be quite good and I would use it for the designs above. I’m not completely sure about the final price, but it will maybe be around $18,90 plus shipping for a t-shirt.

We will only start to sell t-shirts if there is at least some interest since it would just be a waste of time otherwise. If you would buy a shirt, please write a comment saying something like “I’d buy a shirt with the design ABC and I’m willing to spend around $20 for it.”

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