Top 10 comments from comics #251 to #295

Here is my top 10 list of the best/funniest comments from the strips #251 to #295 in our archive. The top 10 of the strips #226 to #250 was posted on 20 October 2012.

Comment by gamerjoel135 on the strip New World Record:

“Mommy! I want a cell phone!”
“No, you have to earn the money to buy one yourself. Everything you want isn’t going to just fall out of the sky because you…” *BAM*

Comment by Juice on the strip Things To Come:

Sit through 4 hours of rain without hood.

put hood up when rain stops.

brilliant, Harvey >.<

Comment by Crestlinger on the strip Predator And Prey:

Woo’s counter: i just ate your offspring. Eat me if you want to find out what they taste like.

Comment by Katana on the strip Good And Bad News:

[A detailed comment on today’s comic]

Comment by Billy Joe on the strip Council Of War:

Don’t do it! The Lumberjacks are at a territorial advantage, and thus gain +5 to all stats!

Comment by Billy Joe on the strip Special Attack I:

I’ll carry out Master Ye Thuza’s special techniques for a suprisingly commenty comment!

Comment by Delore on the strip Special Attack II:

*Cheesy Final Fantasy backround music*

Cloud level up!

Cloud learnt “Nut Cracker”!

Larisa found “Builders Helmet”!

Comment by jeetee on the strip The Valley Of The Violets:

wolvesrawesome: i dont mean to be a troll, but i wish to say wolves dont act like this. […]

So according to you, who has studies wolves for 6 years, they do not rustle and come out of bushes?
Because no other characteristics have been shown as of yet..

Comment by Marj on the strip Practice Makes Perfect :

It’s not who’s a better kisser. It’s who you like kissing better.

Sandra’s figured that out.

Comment by Landbark on the strip Homecoming III:

Larisa’s life is good, but still not perfect.
She’ll have it when her mother’s only question will be:
“Are you still in one piece?”

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