Poll results

From 11 August 2012 to 8 February 2013, the following eight polls ran on Sandra and Woo. All of them got over a thousand votes and it’s time to present the results. There are now four new polls that appear randomly in the right sidebar.

Poll from 11 August 2012:

Poll Nr. 49

My two favorites are The Lord of the Rings and Back to the Future. The Godfather is also my least favorite movie trilogy.

Poll from 11 August 2012:

Poll Nr. 50

67% of our readers read 12 webcomics or less. In the same poll from 23 June 2009, only 46% read 12 webcomics or less. The number of voters that read 30 comics or more fell from 22% to 12%. I think this shows that a larger portion of casual webcomic readers, in contrast to webcomic fans, now also read Sandra and Woo, not that people read fewer webcomics nowadays. But one can’t be sure.

Poll from 11 August 2012:

Poll Nr. 51

While 20% of our readers sometimes use a smartphone to access Sandra and Woo, only 13% sometimes use a tablet.

Poll from 11 August 2012:

Poll Nr. 52

Only 11% of our readers have bought books from two or more webcomic creators. This shows that publishing a Sandra and Woo book is likely not worth the effort.

Poll from 20 November 2012:

Poll Nr. 53

The social media buttons below the comic are used rarely. But I think they blend in well with the general page layout and they load fast, so I probably won’t remove them.

Poll from 20 November 2012:

Poll Nr. 54

My personal favorites Princess Mononoke and Laputa: Castle in the Sky, which tells a really exciting adventure story, are only on 3rd and 7th place. I also liked Spirited Away, but I found the story and the character development of Howl’s Moving Castle confusing. The incredibly cute fire demon Calcifer saved the movie, though.

Poll from 20 November 2012:

Poll Nr. 55

Only 7% of our readers are vegetarians of some sort. This might even be below the ratio in the general population in the age group from 14 to 30. Then again, Sandra and Woo features several carnivores that aren’t afraid to eat cuddly rodents.

Poll from 20 November 2012:

Poll Nr. 56

Without an in-depth look at those who have a rather complex opinion on the matter, 36% of our readers are supportive of hunting, whereas only 25% are against it. I thought the option “I’m rather against it.” would receive significantly more than 14% of all votes, maybe 30%.

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