An important message from the Empress of Northia

The Empress of Northia“It has come to our attention that that the online comic Sandra and Woo, which we are very fond of, has fared quite well in the first two rounds of the 2013 Webcomics Tournament at ComicMix.  Beating Buffersafe and Axe Cop with ease, Sandra and Woo now competes against Paranatural in the third round with only 32 remaining online comics.

We are sure that all of you are aware of the fact that not voting for our most favorite comic could only be regarded as an act of rebellion! And when confronted with bloody rebels, even our nearly unlimited benevolence comes to an end! Only people without a Facebook or Twitter account might be spared in the Night of the Long Knives!

On the other hand, if Sandra and Woo should come off as the winner of the whole competition, we will show our eternal gratitude and bestow an exquisite painting on our people! We will charge private eye extraordinary Sandy South with the acquisition of a suitable wallpaper!

Now vote, my subjects, vote!”

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