Woo could use your help

Sandra and Woo has reached the quarterfinals of the 2013 Webcomics Tournament at ComicMix! Only 8 webcomic of 300 are left, and Sandra and Woo is one of them! Our opponent now is XKCD. I begin to believe that we can actually win this contest since some of the most popular online comics such as Penny Arcade and Order of the Stick haven’t even made it to the quarterfinals. So beating XKCD is certainly possible.

Although I’m still skeptical about the possibility to buy votes for your favorite comic by making a donation to a charity, I would be super happy if Sandra and Woo came out as the winner in the end. That would certainly give our comic some additional exposure. I doubt we’ll get into the same position next year, so it would be great if you could support us this year with as many votes as possible in the last rounds of the tournament! We will also release a new wallpaper featuring private eye Sandy South and her partner Qoo if Sandra and Woo should win.

Woo vs. XKCD

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