Vote for Sandra and Woo in the final round of the ComicMix Webcomic Tournament 2013!

UPDATE [31 March 2013]: The contest is over. Voting is no longer possible.

Vote for us in the finals!

Sandra and Woo defeated Ava’s Demon and is now in the final round of the

2013 Webcomic Tournament at ComicMix!

After beating Buttersafe, Axe Cop, Paranatural, Commander Kitty (one of my personal favorites), XKCD (!) and Ava’s Demon, our opponent in the last round is Bittersweet Candy Bowl. I want to thank everybody for the amazing support that our comic has received so far. While many feel that the rules of the tournament have to change next year (me too), it would be a great honor for us to win this year.

Powree will start to work on the wallpaper featuring private eye Sandy South and her partner Qoo as soon as she finds some time, regardless if we win the contest or not.

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