About reader reactions

It’s often impossible for me to predict the reaction of readers to a new strip. For example, I expected a massive backlash when I posted the short story arc where Larisa dressed up as a pedophile for Halloween. I wrote the story already in 2011, but postponed it for a year since I was afraid it would upset too many readers. However, the comment sections of those strips remained completely calm. In contrast, I had absolutely no negative expectations when posting the current strip Ruthless?. But at least two readers have now vocally expressed their intention to stop reading Sandra and Woo because of it. Which I find strange and unjustified since the strip has unquestionably a positive message. It also already has almost 100 comments, a feat usually reserved for strips specifically about Christianity (the only certain hot topic apparently) or Sandra kissing Cloud ;).

In other news, I removed the social media widget which was used very rarely. I also made visited links turquoise so that you can see more easily which pages you have already visited.

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