[0504] Sandra Wilkes

[0504] Sandra Wilkes

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The four little cipher challenges below the website’s logo have been decrypted:

  • “Andrsn nds Chh fd smosud wsntdkdfah.” – Sámuel Literáti Nemes [1833] was decoded to “Sandra and Woo is always surprising” by our reader Charles. Sámuel Literáti Nemes is suspected to have forged the Codex Rohonczi.
  • “Kaagia aag Scc as gr uie srn.” – H. C. Reynolds [1948] was decoded to “Sandra and Woo is to die for.” by our reader Phil. A man named H. C. Reynolds was assumed to be the Tamam Shud murder victim for a while.
  • “Ssssao fem Iha wl aiv bl olwv rised.” – Antonio Averlino [1465] was decoded to “Sandra and Woo is out of this world.” also by our reader Phil. The architect Antonio Averlino, also known as Filarete, is one of the alleged authors of the Voynich manuscript.
  • “Psidms sid Vjj cp ktmr ojgd.” – Thomas Jefferson Beale [1820] was decoded to “Sandra and Woo is pure gold.” by our reader Roachester. Thomas Jefferson Beale created the Beale ciphers which allegedly state the location of a buried treasure of gold.

Standard encryption methods and “Sandra and Woo” as password have been used to encrypt the short messages. I no longer know which method was used for which message, though.

  • Benjamin: There are rumors, Cloud, rumors!
  • Theo: That you whispered disgustingly sweet things into Sandra’s ear.
  • Cloud: Well, it’s true.
  • Theo: Jeez, Cloud! That was worse than proposing to her!
  • Benjamin: You said it!
  • Benjamin: Cloud, better never ever break her heart, …
  • Benjamin: … or I won’t feel sorry for you at all when she chops off your feet with an axe.
  • Cloud: You’re a true friend, Benny.
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