[0507] Big Brother

[0507] Big Brother

I’m still waiting for the replies of the readers and donators mentioned above to my offer of free Sandra and Woo posters. If you haven’t received my e-mail, please write a short notice to novil@gmx.de so that I can send it again (to your correct e-mail account). If you’re not interested, please give me a short notice as well.

Since this week’s strips are just re-runs from last week, I decided to also post all commissioned wallpapers used as voting incentives on TopWebComics! on SandraAndWoo.com for the first time over the course of the next two weeks. Here are the first four. If you haven’t had a look at the Artwork page before, they might even be completely new to you.

Click on the preview images to download the wallpapers. They were drawn by: Exarrdian, Serathus, Exarrdian, Manusia No. 31.

In addition, here are two drawings by Powree of Cloud and Ye Thuza dressed as superheroes:

  • Sword of Damocles: If you keep ignoring me, I’ll get my big brother!
  • Sandra: An even bigger sword?
  • Sandra: Well, duh…
  • Mailman: Express delivery for Miss Sandra North.
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