Poll results

From 8 February 2013 to 5 September 2013, the following six polls ran on Sandra and Woo. All of them got over a thousand votes and it’s time to present the results.

Poll from 8 February 2013:

Poll Nr. 57

I’m not surprised that the strips about Cloud’s “little” problem at the beach received the most votes. Sandra’s and Larisa’s visit of the Museum of Modern Art was also popular among our readers. I expected more votes for the story arc featuring Sandra as private eye Sandy South, though.

Poll from 8 February 2013:

Poll Nr. 58

Our readers like to eat Italian, Japanese and Chinese dishes. Although 55% of our readers are from the United States, these three types of cuisine received more votes than the American cuisine. Of course such a poll is always a little bit arbitrary.

Poll from 8 February 2013:

Poll Nr. 59

Only around 10% of our readers read all the comments. But among the readers who voted there is also just a small minority, around 15%, who never have a look at the comment section.

Poll from 8 February 2013:

Poll Nr. 60

The same poll already ran on 6 January 2010, so it’s interesting to compare the results. There are now much more readers who read very few newspaper comic strips, 54% compared to 40%. However, there were now 2,258 votes compared to just 430 in 2010 so one cannot say that the same readers now read less newspaper comic strips.

Poll from 13 July 2013:

Poll Nr. 61

I selected all the winners of the previous poll during the first 4 1/2 years of Sandra and Woo for this poll, plus the recent one where Woo saved Lily during a thunderstorm which was obviously a popular one. The poll was quite close with 24% for the first place and still 14% for the fifth place. The second story arc taking place at the beach won this competition as well. Nonetheless, it will take a long time until I’ll write another whole story arc about Cloud’s penis ;). My personal favorite story arc so far is the treasure hunt. I think it is rich in variety and has some very good jokes. However, I think it will soon be replaced by the storyline I’m currently writing about the female raccoon climber Butterfly.

Poll from 11 August 2013:

Poll Nr. 62

The majority has spoken and since it was my initial plan as well, the solution to “The Book of Woo” will be posted as strip #1000. YAY, I DON’T HAVE TO WRITE A SPECIAL STRIP FOR STRIP #1000!! 😉 (Assumed nobody is able to crack the code before that.)

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