The Book of Woo – Revisited

The Book of Woo, page 1 Most of you will remember our strip #500, The Book of Woo. We created four illustrated pages, inspired by the Voynich manuscript, which show strange illustrations next to a cipher text. Despite the big effort of some of our readers, the cipher text has not yet been deciphered. The comment section of the strip contains almost 400 comments with more or less valuable information for anybody who is interested in the challenge.

However, thanks to our reader Foogod, there is now a much better place to find concise information about the Book of Woo, the Book of Woo Wiki! At the moment, you can find pages about the following topics there:

Foogod also created a computer font that can be used to write all the glyphs found in the Book of Woo. The font looks really good in my opinion and it could also be used for magic formulas or other things like that. Click here to download the Book of Woo font WooGlyph Sans!

WooGlyph Sans, the Book of Woo font

If you have a look at the Wiki page for theories about the encrypted text, you will see that there is strong evidence that the character which looks like “Z”, and the corresponding character which looks like “~”, is some kind of space/suffix marker/dash character instead of a regular letter. This would reduce the relevant alphabet to 14 letters, plus the special “oPo” character.

I have decided to give you a little hint. The following word appears in the plain text:

ENGLISH: Potbelly Hill | GERMAN: Bauchigen Hügel

That means if the plain text is in English, the word is “Potbelly Hill”, if the plain text is in German, the word is “Bauchigen Hügel”, if the plain text is a mixture of English and German, the word is “Potbelly Hill” or “Bauchigen Hügel”. It should be quite easy to determine on which page. I hope this will generate some debate about the supposed content of that page.

I have also decided to send Satsuoni a poster package for providing the first decryption step and further significant contributions to the discussion. I will also send Foogod a poster package for setting up the Book of Woo Wiki and creating the Book of Woo font. Don’t forget that I will pay the person who is able to provide a decipherment that’s sufficiently close to the plain text a reward of $300. Send your decipherment attempt(s) to

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