[0606] The Ideal World

[0606] The Ideal World

There is an alternative version of this strip which shows Sandra’s world map as it was originally drawn by Powree. The different shapes of the continents certainly give it a more realistic look, but I rather wanted something that looks like an engineer drew it. Therefore, I created a new map which is supposed to represent an earth-like world with optimal living conditions for a wide range of species.

Sandra and Woo: [0606] The Ideal World - Alternative version

I think Sandra’s drawing raises a lot of interesting questions how an “ideal” world for humans and animals would look like. If you think about it, earth’s continents certainly don’t have the perfect shape. But is there enough water in Sandra’s world to make the climate pleasant in summer and winter? How diverse would the flora and fauna be on the 18 continents resp. 3 super continents? What would be the significance of the land bridges? Would the climate zones indeed follow such a rigid pattern?

Maybe there’s a biologist or geologist among our readers who can give us some insight in the comment section.

I had several ideas for the teacher’s dialog in the last panel. I liked this one the most. If you have a funny idea yourself, I would love to see it (in the comment section).

  • Sign: Parent-Teacher Discussion
  • Art teacher: Your daughter either lacks imagination or has too much of it. I haven’t decided which yet.
  • Richard: That’s my daughter!
  • T-shirt: TEAM P == NP
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