The Webcomic Hunger Games: Day 1

“I am Caesar Flickerman,…”

“… and I’m Claudius Templesmith, …

“… your hosts for this year’s edition of the Hunger Games, featuring many of your favorite webcomic characters!”

“Marigold and Indefinite Hiatus already lost their lives during the carnage at the Cornucopia. Now let’s see how the other tributes make it through the first night and the second day.”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Night 1

“The mood still seems to be good among our tributes, but I’m sure this will change in the foreseeable future.”

“Most certainly, Caesar.”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Day 2

“The first alliances are forming and… Wait, what is this…? Could it be? … Yes, an arena event! Do you remember the last Games with an arena event this early in the competition, Claudius?”

“No, Caesar. This may almost be a new record.”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Arena Event

“What a bloodpath…!”

“Incredible, Caesar, simply incredible! I’ve lost count, but it certainly feels like we’ve already lost half of our tributes. I think a minute of silence is appropriate in this dark hour for so many of our spectators.”


The Webcomic Hunger Games: Fallen Tributes 2

“Whoa! More than half of the tributes are already dead, including our favorite Sette. If the Games keep going like that, they’ll go down in history as the shortest Games ever!”

“Now let’s not think of the worst, Claudius. I’m sure we’ll still see a lot of interesting fights during the rest of the week. So tune in tomorrow to watch our broadcast of the next day of this year’s Hunger Games!”

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