The Webcomic Hunger Games: Day 3

“Welcome to another day of this year’s edition of the Hunger Games, featuring many of your favorite webcomic characters!”

“But not many of them are left anymore, Caesar.”

“Yes, only seven if I counted correctly. Claudius, do you think Woo will continue his yesterday’s killing spree today?”

“Unlikely, Caesar. But let’s wait and see. Anything can happen in the arena!”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Night 3

“A large group has formed, led by our current favorites Rocky and Woo. That doesn’t look good for poor Red and Phoebe.”

“They’re still so young and innocent. It’d hurt my heart to see them die.”

“District 8 and 12 must be sitting on the edges of their seats!”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Day 4

“I’m surprised it took Rocky that long until his first kill. I almost placed a bet on him making his first kill right at the Cornucopia.”

“And he killed Guy with poison. He always looked more like the ‘axe murderer’ type to me.”

“The Games are always full of surprises, Claudius.”

“Yes, they are… Poor Phoebe could tell you a thing or two about it.”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Fallen Tributes 4

“And yet another interesting day comes to an end. While District 10 and 12 mourn their dead tributes, we’re already super excited what will happen next in this year’s Hunger Games! So don’t forget to tune in tomorrow. Same place, same time!”

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